Beslan, Sept/2004: Little Aida was blown out the window, and in terror climbs back into the hell erupting. The Beslan School incident, while a remote possibility in the US, is a worst case scenario that numerous LE agencies first responders consider in their preparations.


Law Enforcement/EMS/FireFighter Active Shooter Responses & Training

Active Shooter Responses have been improving and evolving as training and incidents show what works and what doesn't. Some agencies treat Active Shooter Response training as something that gets checked off as done and never revisited, while others continue to use protocols that are inefficient and time consuming while lives are at stake.

10-32 Solutions can assist Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire Personnel with current Protocols and Training in Active Shooter responses. We provide training in 1&2 Officer responses for Contact Teams and Rural Areas, 3+ Officer responses for Rescue Teams and Urban Agencies, integration of Fire and EMS into Rescue Teams for faster treatment of victims, and more.

There are many schools of thought and products available on the market aimed at agencies under the guise of Active Shooters. Our training and experience with a variety of gear concepts and products has given us the ability to pass on this experience. We can assist with neutral gear and equipment consultation, purchasing, and implementation to help avoid purchases that don't work as needed when it is needed, and also help maximize value of the tax dollars spent.

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Active Shooter Event

Responses, Consulting & Threat Reduction: Schools, Businesses & Organizations

Nearly half of all documented shootings that meet the definition of an Active Shooter Event occur either in a place of business or a school. Sadly, many ignore proper precautions, either in the belief it won't happen to them, or in the belief they are protected by obsolete or ignorant and ineffective policies.

10-32 Solutions can help schools, businesses, and organizations implement and maintain protocols and programs to keep people safer.

School Safety & Business Facility Assessments

-Comprehensive Facility Evaluation & Needs Assessment

-Audit of Existing Security and Safety Program Elements


-School & Workplace Safety Presentations

-Security Program Design and Policies

-Behavior Detection and Evaluation Programs

-Readiness & Emergency Management for Schools

Preventative Measures

-Conducting Threat Assessments

-Personal Safety and Security Training

-Staff Training for School/Business Safety

-Security Personnel Training & Services

-Security Camera Placement, Monitoring, and Response

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10-32 Solutions had the opportunity to work with Robert Zanoni of  Midwest Civilian Aid Trainers LLC (MCAT) on some product evaluation and development. What resulted was the development of the Violence Response Sling. I took what I felt worked and didn't work regarding various methods of Active Shooter/Killer response gear and compiled the list of items that I felt were most important for the first LEO's entering to have RIGHT NOW for the hunt versus what could be helpful later on. MCAT built a couple of prototypes modifying existing gear to keep costs down, and we developed what I feel is the most efficient and practical method to bring with to a gunfight if you are in a hurry and you don't have or don't have time to put on additional armor.