• Commitment and dedication
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Flexibility to work around your needs
  • Practical Tactics and Techniques
  • ​​Attention to detail


Our company's services are designed to take knowledge and experiences learned by many, and apply them to practical presentations of tips, tactics, and procedures to benefit and improve the abilities of those charged with safety and protection of others.

Our Instructors

Our Instructors are current or previous law enforcement officers with years of training and experience in their fields. Their training and experiences complement each other, and they are able to provide realistic, practical, honest, and instruction that is sometimes blunt in its reality.

 -10-32 Solutions does not offer firearms training to those with felony convictions, those who are prohibited from possessing firearms, and reserves the right to reject applications for 10-32 Solutions courses.

Individual Instruction- 10-32 Solutions is available to assist with custom courses based on the needs of the individual or the group. Contact us with your needs and we can  advise you with a quote and what we can provide.

WI DOJ CCW Permit- This is a 4-hour course that satisfies the WI DOJ training requirement for the WI CCW permit application. It can be taken by those who do not already have some form of Hunter Safety, LE Certification, Military DD214, or other safety courses, or by anyone that wants a safety course more geared to CCW and Personal Protection issues.

Retired LEO Qualification-LEOSA- We can provide the necessary annual qualification for the LEOSA for LEO's retired in good standing in Wisconsin, and we can assist LEO's from other states on a case by case basis depending on the requirements from your state or former jurisdiction.

WI DOJ CCW Qual- This is an additional module for those who wish to have more hands-on experience with their handgun and to be able to demonstrate proficiency through both dry and live fire drills.8 Hours.

WI DSPS Firearms Proficiency Certification/Renewal- Personnel/Professions that require Certification of Firearms Proficiency through the WI Dept of Safety & Professional Services or renewal of their firearms permit can do so through a 36-hour program. This course, to help employers and clients lessen liability concerns, will at a minimum be equivalent to current WI DOJ standards required by law enforcement recruits. We offer a 6-hour program for those with documented prior training or needing refresher training. Email us as info@10-32Solutions.com with either your or your agency's needs.

Pistol 1- This is a bare basic fundamentals course intended for those with minimal experience with handguns.1-Day.

Pistol 1.5- This course is a fundamentals course meant for those with varying degrees of handgun experience and intended to improve the accuracy of both beginning and experienced shooters. 1-Day.

Defensive Pistol 1- Course is designed to take pistol fundamentals and incorporate additional tactics, techniques, and mindsets to help a person win in a defensive incident. This course requires Pistol 1, 1.5, or an equivalent as a prerequisite. Course uses previous instruction and adds tactics, skills, and a low-light module to further build competencies used in winning defensive incidents. This course has a prerequisite. 2-Days.

CCW Pistol 1- Course is oriented towards shooting and fighting skills from concealment. Pistol 1, 1.5 or other similar course required as a prerequisite. 1-Day.

CCW Pistol 2- Course uses previous instruction and adds tactics and skills from concealment, and a low-light module to further build competencies used to aid in winning defensive situations. This course has a prerequisite. 2-Days.

Carbine 1- Basic fundamentals course for Modern Defensive Rifles (AR-pattern, etc...) intended for shooters with minimal experience. 1-Day.

Carbine 1.5- Fundamentals course for Modern Defensive Rifles (AR-pattern, etc...). 1-Day.

Modern Defensive Rifle 1-- Course instructs in tactics, techniques, and mindsets meant for using a modern defensive rifle to win a defensive incident. 1-Day.

Modern Defensive Rifle 2-Course builds on the skills learned in previous courses and adds a low-light module to further build competencies to win in defensive situations. This course has a prerequisite. 2-Days.

Police Patrol Marksman-